About Xaggo

It's an easy-to-use app aimed to make bill payments as well as sending and receiving money fast and safe.
There is a 5$ service fee for each service paid.
Yes, you should create your account using your banking credentials.
No, you can check the owed amount at anytime for free
Sure, you can realize more payments and make a shopping kart.

Setting Up An Account

You can sign up for Xaggo on our website or download the App from your store. Just click sigin-in and follow the sign-up instructions

What details do I need to create an account?
All you need to sign up is your Name, Address, Phone Number and your Bank Account details.
Can I connect other payment methods to my account?
Definitely, you can send and receive payments via any debit card

Managing Your Account

Xaggo offers an easy way to manage all your payments right from the Dashboard, Xaggo will also occasionally offer you new suggested bills for your friends and family that you might want to add.
How can I edit my Account?
You can customize your existing account by changing your Card Details from Account Settings.
Just go to My Account> Mangage Payment Methods> Add New Payment Method.
We'll be sad to see you leave, but you can do so from the My Account section>Account Privacy> Delete Account.